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Using search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) we can increase your web visibility and presence with google, yahoo and other search engines.

You should not be ignored by the internet!


Get an analysis by our test lab today.

  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing
    • 60 CHF
    • Our scrutiny falls upon your search engine rankings
    • Result: diagnose sheet ranking
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation Structure
    • Client must provide access to source code
    • 80 CHF
    • Result: report and recommendations
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation Content
    • Cost depends on extent
    • Content gets checked (textlengths, employed words)
    • Result: report with suggestions

I want to get checked up.

Regular Updates

Search engines look for backlinks and change. A SEM support contract puts the IPIA resources at your disposition to step into the internet-stagelight. Potential new clients are out there and do not yet know about your amazing offers. Do something about that.

SEM Support

We offer basic and extended support contracts.

Recommendation: get an SEO first.

If your increase your audience, go through your texts and images. They have to be intuitively understandable and simple for new visitors.


We link you in using backlinks in the major social networks and relevant-to-your-business websites.


The extended SEM support contract extends the basic SEM support (see above). A regular thorough checking of content and stronger backlinking increases the effect of SEMsupport.1 . Furthermore we check keywordlists and their correspondence with the text and many things more.

  • ongoing checking and optimisation
  • monthly report
  • vast backlinking


Optimise your website content and underlying structure. We check and optimise on your behalf texts, website programming and keywordlists. The cost depends on the scope of the website.

Search engines do not work like the human eye and human intelligence. We increase the search engine readability of your site. Search engine spiders (small crawling programs) like sitemaps and plain text for food. We know how to provide it for them.


The cost of a content restructuring may vary. Generally it is around 350 CHF for simple websites, analysis and sitemap registration included. A free offer helps you estimate the expense.


A complete restructuring of your website towards search engine friendliness without loosing its appeal to human visitors.

  • search engine friendly
  • automated sitemap registration
  • may be combined with other products and services

Get your free offer now.

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