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IPIA Design

The IPIA design lab makes every effort to create a graphical Identity representation. For you to leave the best impression.

Whether website layouts as templates, usability or sophisticated design, with us you are well put.


Design, composition and construction of websites in the world wide web.

A template for your homepage offers a unified look, whihtout having to format each element itself.


You care about boosting your current situation? Get checked up!

  • Design and Usability
    • 50 CHF
    • Result: diagnose sheet
  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing
    • 60 CHF
    • Our scrutiny falls upon your search engine rankings
    • Result: diagnose sheet ranking
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation Structure
    • Client must provide access to source code
    • 80 CHF
    • Result: report and recommendations
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation Content
    • Cost depends on extent
    • Content gets checked (textlengths, employed words)
    • Result: report with suggestions

I want to get checked up.

Migration / reDesign

Present websites can be migrated to a s3-Package. Hereby the cost is proportional to the extent (more or less no. of visible pages on site).

You can profit of a reduction, if the work is made simpler.

  • 20% off the end-price, if the source structure is easy to handle for migration.

Also participating reduces cost.

  • Participation in text formatting.
  • Supplement of human resources.

Like it simple? Contact us!, mail:

Logo Design

You need a logo that emphasizes your strengths? Our team unifies your strengths with an accurate graphical representation.

Together with our partners we will find the right logo for you in 2 or 3 dimensions. A logo should provide the following characteristics:

  • integrity
  • eye-catcher
  • discretion
  • individuality
  • expressiveness
  • animation
  • encouragement

Connect with us!, mail:

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