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IPIA Infrastructure solutions

A well working infrastructure saves time and money. Here some hints on what can generally be done.

  • A hardware upgrade does not have to be expensive. Changing the right elements may work magic.
  • OSS makes a workhorse out of an old box.
  • Competently networked hard- and software are the key to ease work.

Experience shows that a few upgrades in the right places may increase the output by 100%.


  • server without GUI work faster.
  • intact boxes are capable of great tasks with a RAM upgrade

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An IT network should have a certain functionality. IPIA sees to it on your behalf.

  • software that communicates with one another without human interaction
  • ubuquitous workstation
    • arbitrary workstation choice within the network
    • part-time workers can share workstations without setting aside personal configurations and settings
    • homeoffice via encrypted interfaces
    • intranet access via encrypted tunnels from anywhere (internetaccess)
  • secure backupsolutions
  • workflowtools / workflow efficiency consulting
  • OSS groupware, seamless teamwork

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