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Expert Know-How / Bodyleasing

Benefit from our expert know-how with free software.

Hands-On Seminar

OSS seminars / beginners tutorials

  • You want to learn how to use OSS to your advantage?
  • You want to learn setting up an OSS operating system?
  • You would like to get to know more about your possibilities with OSS?

We offer courses for you to participate in the free software movement. By benefitting…

Let us know if you are interested.

Linux Expert

IPIA does a lot of work with OSS, network, hardware and user-friendliness.

Get an advantage out of it! If you have a project concerning one or more of the following fields and you can use some experience, “lease” our experts.

  • linux expert
  • OSS integration and interface design
  • network analysis
  • user-friendliness / efficiency analysis
  • Programmer
    • bash sripting
    • JAVA
    • Python
    • AJAX (javascript)
  • webserver/MX-server/NFS-server/SSH-server/e.a.
  • live operating systems
  • cloud-computing
  • virtualised environments

We are working with a deep know-how and team efficient. If you like to contract us, contact us.

We are specialised on SME sized businesses.

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